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Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) is committed to supporting the health, healing, and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to closing the gap in health outcomes between non-Indigenous and First Nations people.

NQPHN acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander’s health and wellbeing requires a holistic approach that includes physical, social, emotional, cultural, and spiritual aspects. 

NQPHN values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders connection to Country, including ties with culture and kin to support the promotion and advancement of good health and wellbeing in life, family, and community.

There are many different clans located within the NQPHN region, all with their own rich culture and customs. NQPHN is committed to working with the Traditional Custodians within our region to advance reconciliation, and assist Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders to live happier, healthier, longer lives. 

See below to find out more about the Traditional Custodians within the NQPHN region. 

Mackay region

The five Barra Groups in the Mackay/Pioneer Valley region are:

  • Yuibera (Mackay Township area and north of Pioneer River)
  • Kungalburra (Bakers Creek to Sarina area)
  • Toolginburra (Eton Range area)
  • Googaburra (Islands)
  • Gurraburra (Mirani and Netherdale—Upper Pioneer Valley area).


Yuwi Country is home of the First Nations People known as the Yuwibara people. Yuwi Country is defined by its natural boundaries from Cape Palmerston in the South to the O’Connell River in the north, and the foothills of the Sarina, Clark, Eton, and Eungella Ranges to the west and east, encompassing the waterways between the north and south land boundaries.

During white settlement in the early 1860s, the immediate city area was named Port Mackay. This area, known as Yuibera Country to traditional descendants, is now referred to as Mackay.

Apical ancestry criteria confirm Yuibera peoples connection to country through historical family stories, kinship, and language, as well as sharing commonalities of time and place with those of the same family, kin, and group. Importantly, clan groups are identified in this area through family connections.

Philip Kemp's Welcome to Country for the Yuibera region

Mackay Township area Traditional Custodian descendant of the Yuibera people Philip Kemp delivers his Welcome to Country for Yuibera (Yuwi) Country.
Mackay Regional Council Mayor Greg Williamson's pays his respects to the Traditional Custodians of the Mackay region, the Yuwi (Yuibera) people, in this Acknowledgement of Country video.
The younger students of St Mary's Catholic Primary School in Mackay pay their respects to the Yuwi (Yuibera) Nation in this Acknowledgment of Country video.
The older students of St Mary's Catholic Primary School in Mackay pay their respects to the Yuwi (Yuibera) Nation in this Acknowledgment of Country video.
26 July 2022