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Our region, Our People: Meet Project Lead Kristie

Published 17 June 2024

Young girl treated for croup at Townsville Medicare Urgent Care Clinic (UCC) as it continues to have a positive impact on residents’ lives

Townsville Medicare Urgent Care Clinic (UCC) Project Lead and Registered Nurse Kristie Wyeth.

When mum Kirsty noticed her young daughter had an abnormal cough, she took her straight to the Townsville Medicare Urgent Care Clinic (UCC). 

Kirsty said her daughter was normally a healthy child but had developed a worrying cough. 

“I started to worry because her cough was getting worse, and it sounded like a seal. I knew she needed urgent medical attention, so we took her to the Urgent Care Clinic,” she said. 

“And we are so glad we did because she was diagnosed with croup.” 

According to Children’s Queensland Health, croup is a respiratory infection that can make it harder to breathe. Children with croup develop a harsh, barking cough. 

“The clinic recognised my child’s problem and treated her quickly,” Kirsty said.  

“They provided excellent care, which meant I didn’t need to go to Townsville University Hospital’s emergency department (ED). 

“I found the staff really nice as my child is normally shy and withdrawn when she sees doctors and nurses, but the nurse at the clinic was fun and made her experience amazing.” 

Townsville Medicare UCC Project Lead and Registered Nurse Kristie Wyeth said the Medicare UCC was currently seeing an average of 45 patients a day for urgent conditions that included infections, respiratory issues, cuts and lacerations, and other injuries. (Figure correct at time of publishing).   

Ms Wyeth said the young patient and her mother were greeted on arrival by staff and triaged within five minutes.  

“The staff quickly identified the cough and diagnosed the child with croup,” Ms Wyeth said. “The patient’s mum quickly completed the paperwork, and they were seen by the clinic nurse within five minutes. 

“She was treated and received medication while at the clinic, with further medication prescribed.  

“We advised the patient’s mum to see her GP within 24 hours for a possible referral to a paediatrician if it was required. We also advised her to look out for any symptom changes or worsening and, if that occurred, to attend the ED.” 

Townsville Medicare UCC Project Lead and Registered Nurse Kristie Wyeth and Practice Manager Megan Turner.
Townsville Medicare UCC Project Lead and Registered Nurse Kristie Wyeth and Practice Manager Megan Turner.


Ms Wyeth said following treatment it was determined that the young girl had no further respiratory distress and was discharged. 

The Townsville Medicare UCC is a result of the strong collaboration between the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments under the Primary Care Pilots program. It is managed by Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) and delivered by Eastbrooke Medical Services. 

Eastbrooke Medical Services Director Andrew de Picot said the Townsville Medicare UCC continued to make a positive impact on the lives of residents. 

“The rapid growth in take-up of the service is a direct indicator of the demand for acute care in the region,” Mr de Picot said. 

“The Urgent Care Clinic is staffed by qualified and experienced doctors, nurses, and administration staff who all play their part in making the operation run smoothly.” 

Mr de Picot said more Townsville residents were now aware of the Medicare Urgent Care Clinic and were referring their family and friends, which was a testament to the service and care each patient received.  

“We continue our work with Queensland Ambulance Service and the local Hospital Emergency Department teams to ensure patients get the right level of care,” he said. 

The Townsville Medicare UCC provides bulk-billed urgent care when patients need medical attention for an illness or injury that can be managed without a trip to the emergency department but cannot wait for an appointment with their regular GP.    

The clinic is open seven days a week, including public holidays, from 11am – 9pm. 

It’s located at 86 Thuringowa Drive, Thuringowa Central. 

The surname has been omitted from the article to protect the patient's identity. 

Last updated: 17 June 2024