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COVID-19: P2/N95 Mask Fit Testing Training

Posted Saturday 22 June 2024 | Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN)

Topics will include:

  • basic respiratory selection theory
  • basic introduction to fit testing
  • introduction to the fit test kit
  • hands-on practical training on conducting a fit test with your NQPHN-supplied fit test equipment.

This training will use a ‘train the trainer’ approach with the trained staff member(s) able to administer qualitative fit testing in their workplace upon completion of the training.

Each participating general practice, ACCHO, and RACF will be supplied with, at no cost, a complete qualitative Fit Testing Kit, as required to administer qualitative fit testing.

Previous participants are reminded to bring their Fit Testing Kits, Test Solutions (bitter and sweet), and Sensitivity Test Solutions (bitter and sweet) on the day.

All participants will need to bring:

  • 2-3 N95/P2 masks from their facility per participant
  • pen and paper.

Last updated: Monday 16 May 2022