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Using Primary Sense to better manage patients with diabetes

Published 28 June 2024

As the new financial year begins, the majority of North Queensland’s general practices are now fully transitioned to Primary Sense – the new data extraction and clinical decision support tool that has replaced CAT4 and TopBar.


One of the key features of Primary Sense is the variety of on-demand reports; as Primary Sense extracts new data every 3-5 minutes, practices can utilise these quick and easy reports to proactively plan care for patients in close to real-time – better enabling them to give the right care at the right time.

National Diabetes Week 2024 (14-21 July) is rapidly approaching and this year Diabetes Australia have chosen to shine the light on diabetes tech. With that in mind, this article will focus on how general practice staff can make the most of Primary Sense in the management of patients with diabetes.

There are three reports that feature diabetes-related data that you and your team can use to plan clinics, offer opportunistic care, or plan CQI activities:

  1. Diabetes Mellitus
  2. Winter Wellness
  3. Patients booked in with missing PIP QI measures


Report 1 – Diabetes Mellitus

This report comprises 3 different data tables:

  1. Patients who may require a HbA1C test
    • Lists patients with a fasting glucose >7.0mmol/L in the past three months who do not have a HbA1c result. Patients who have a coded diagnoses of diabetes or polycystic ovarian syndrome, are prescribed an anti-diabetic medication, or where pregnant will be excluded from this list.
  2. Patients who may need a clinical review for a diagnosis of diabetes
    • Lists patients who may have a diagnosis of diabetes that has not been correctly coded. Includes the patient’s fasting glucose result, any diabetic medication the patient has been prescribed, as well as their most recent HbA1C result.
  3. Patients with diabetes who may be eligible for chronic care occasions of service
    • Lists patients who have a coded diabetes diagnosis (excluding gestational diabetes). The table displays the patient’s results for HbA1C, blood pressure, date of last influenza vaccination, Albumin Creatinine Ratio (ACR), and Albumin Excretion Rates (AER).


Report 2 – Winter Wellness

The Winter Wellness reports lists patients who may be vulnerable to seasonal respiratory infections. It details information such as the patient’s last Flu vaccination, their last Pneumovax vaccination, as well as data relating to previous COVID vaccinations and infections.

Patients with a diagnosis or medication indicative of diabetes will be included in this report.


Reports 3 – Patients booked in with missing PIP QI measures

This report lists patients with an upcoming appointment who have missing PIP QI measures. The measures – specific to patients diagnosed with diabetes – detailed in this report are:

  • Diabetics without a HbA1c result in the past 12 months
  • Diabetics without a blood pressure result in the previous 6 months

For more information about using Primary Sense – or if you would like NQPHN to deliver a Primary Sense demo at your practice – please contact the Primary Sense team on or (07) 4034 0300.

Last updated: 28 June 2024