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Couch Wellness Centre Cairns

Published 27 November 2020

The COUCH Wellness Centre opened in Cairns in July 2019 to provide nursing support and health and wellbeing services to people living with cancer in Far North Queensland.


The nurse led model of care provides integrated cancer care to enhance the quality of life for their clients, their families, and friends. This includes directly providing coordinated evidence-based care and support services including psycho-social nursing, allied health, and complementary therapies.

In the first year of operations the Wellness Centre provided 1,156 nursing episodes of care including 400 individual consultations, 164 episodes of clinical care coordination, and 315 general enquiries. In addition to nursing support, there were also 84 allied health consultations, 160 touch therapy sessions, and 643 group activity attendances by clients.  

COUCH is a not-for-profit organisation and access to the Care Partnership Program is currently free for their clients. This includes access to group classes and nursing support free of charge, as well as heavily subsidised allied health and complementary therapies. If you have concerns about your patient’s financial situation please let COUCH know, as they have funds to support people in financial hardship.

Cancer care coordination

COUCH's qualified cancer care nurses are passionate about supporting clients to receive the very best care and treatment throughout their journey with cancer.

Through the Care Partnership Program, their clients have access to an extensive range of supports and services that greatly assist in managing life with cancer, at every stage including initial diagnosis, treatment, recovery, survivorship, and palliative care.

The nurses follow best practice frameworks and can provide clients with the most up to date research and evidence in managing their cancer.

Allied health

The COUCH Wellness Centre has a team of allied health specialists with specialised training and experience in providing services to people living with cancer in the Cairns region. Services currently provided include:

  • nutrition and dietetics
  • diabetes education
  • exercise physiology
  • physiotherapy
  • mental health support.

Complementary therapies

The complementary therapies provided at the COUCH Wellness Centre in Cairns align to evidence-based cancer care and have known researched benefits for people diagnosed and living with cancer. 

Complementary therapies are designed to enhance quality of life and support health and wellbeing. They are generally used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments and complement an individual’s chosen treatment pathway.

Complementary therapies do not replace medical treatment regimes, they can instead be effective in managing some treatment side effects and decreasing stress and anxiety. COUCH's complementary therapies include touch therapies (oncology massage, reflexology, acupuncture) and group activities (yoga, pilates, meditation, tai chi, and circuit training).

Health Professional Referrals

COUCH welcome referrals from GPs, specialists, treating teams, and allied health and recommend a shared care approach to supporting the client’s goals, health, and wellbeing during their experience with cancer. They see clients under GP Management Plans and Mental Health Care Plans.

For more information or to download the health professionals referral form visit

Last updated: 27 November 2020