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Our Region, Our People: selectability Mental Health Hubs

Published 27 November 2020

Everyone’s mental health journey is unique and may require different strategies to achieve mental wellbeing. Recognising this, selectability’s Mental Health Hubs located in Townsville and Mackay offer programs, activities, and services to provide innovative recovery options for individuals seeking mental health support.


The Townsville and Mackay Mental Health Hubs, funded by Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN), offer recovery-oriented programs that draw on the knowledge of individuals with a lived experience of mental illness.

The programs and activities are facilitated by a team of mental health professionals, life coaches, and peer workers and are developed based on the diverse needs and interests of those seeking support.

The activities include an art group, walking group, practical life skills group, group fitness, coffee catchups, drumming circles, and facilitated group sessions.

Flexibility and accessibility is built into the program so once a month a weekend social session is held at each hub. Social Saturday in Mackay and Social Sunday in Townsville provide community members with the opportunity to meet the selectability team, get involved in an array of activities, and enjoy a BBQ lunch.

selectability General Manager Townsville Aaron Farrell said the social weekend events had found a permanent place in the hubs’ activity schedule due to their popularity in the community and that it was encouraging to see the program helping residents to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

“We offer different activities at every Social Saturday and Sunday that relate to program activities,” said Aaron.

“Our participants have enjoyed making their own healthy pizza, playing in a drumming circle, rock art, making Kokedama, and bocce and croquet.

“We have received really good feedback from the participants so far. They enjoy being able to socialise with other participants and to meet new people who also attend the Mental Health Hub.

“One participant has commented that they get lonely on the weekends, and that Social Sundays has encouraged them to get out of the house where they had a great time taking part in the drumming activity.

“Another participant is now actively assisting with the BBQ, which is a huge step forward for this person who was initially struggling to get involved in group activities due to their anxiety.

“It’s so great to see Social Sundays having such a positive effect on participants in some way, to assist in improving their mental wellbeing.”

The Mental Health Hubs operate on the principles that:

  • they accept referrals from all sources (including self-referrals)
  • they partner with community organisations to ensure services are leveraged, not duplicated
  • they offer services that are flexible, responsive, and inclusive
  • their programs and services are developed with input from those with lived experience
  • their programs and services are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Find out more about the Mental Health Hubs and view their activity timetables at

Last updated: 27 November 2020