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Assault reduction and prevention initiative launches in Mackay

Published 23 December 2022

Violence can unfortunately happen anywhere within any community

(L-R): NQPHN Senior Contracts Performance Officer Madonna McLeod, Queensland Police Service Crime Prevention Sergeant Nigel Dalton, and NQPHN Senior Contracts Performance Officer Dana Triffett at the Anger Rage Regret launch

The Community Policing Board Mackay, in partnership with Queensland Police, launched an educational initiative ‘Anger Rage Regret’ on Tuesday 20 December 2022 in an effort to prevent and reduce assaults, and the associated health impacts, in the Mackay region.

Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) is a funder of the initiative, with NQPHN Executive Director Health System Integration and Innovation Karin Barron, Senior Contracts Performance Officer - MHAOD Dana Triffett, and Senior Contracts Performance Officer - NQ Health Priorities Madonna McLeod attending the official launch to support this important community initiative.

The initiative is designed to evoke thought and start the conversation about the tough topic of how to respond when we’re overcome by the emotion of anger - with the effect of reducing and preventing assault and the related health impacts in the community.

Anger Rage Regret education resources can be delivered by QPS Crime Prevention Officers or other community agencies in workplaces, community groups, and other interested sectors.

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Anger Rage Regret launch photo collage

Last updated: 03 February 2023

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