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Inca Integrated Care Platform Mackay area visits

Published 13 November 2023

The Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) and Precedence Health teams recently travelled throughout the Mackay area to showcase the benefits of having Inca as the preferred shared platform for general practice, allied health, and specialists.


NQPHN Senior Primary Care Engagement Officer Debra Davis, NQPHN Indigenous Health Project Officer Melinda Green, and Precedence Health Program Manager Emma Walker met with various practices and discussed the benefits of INCA, answered questions, and demonstrated how Inca could complement their current systems.

Some of the key discussions during the visits are outlined below.

  • A practice that has been using Inca for 12 months said they find it saves time and is user-friendly.
  • A practice recently came on board with using Inca and are looking forward to a much more streamlined approach with care planning.
  • Practices liked the simplicity of the Inca tool for care planning.
  • Allied health databases can be uploaded into Inca accounts for Team Care Arrangements.
  • The Inca platform could be used to return notes from other services, through to the General Practitioner.
  • Comparisons between the My GPMP Tool and Inca were discussed, and although they have some similarities, the cost difference was explained, with Inca now being provided to practices cost free with NQPHN funding.
  • A practice had recently started using CUBIKO, which led to discussion on how that would complement the Inca platform, with MBS billing claimed for clients able to be seen anywhere with CUBIKO, but only in the software when using Inca. 
  • A few concerns were raised by a practice who has been using Inca for 12-months, however with Emma from Precedence Health on had to rectify these immediately, these uncertainties were eased.
  • Key benefits of Inca that were highlighted by nurses in one practice included that there was no longer the need to print the care plans and the faster reply of TCA returns.
  • A key struggle that could be foreseen, was simply with introducing a new platform and needing to get to know it. Our team organised a time where Emma could meet virtually with the reception team at the practice to give them some one-on-one time to understand and walk through the platform.

Our team found the Inca visits to be highly valuable and enjoyed demonstrating the benefits of the Inca platform in person with the practices they were able to visit. They were also able to distribute flyers for upcoming events, as well as information about newly released Spirometry Training.

The team would like to thank the practices they were able to meet with during this visit, including Collinsville Family Practice, Girudala Community Cooperative Society, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service (ATSICHS), Sydney Street Medical Centre, Caneland Medical Centre, Pioneer Medical, Mt Pleasant Medical and Dental, and Podiatry Mackay.

For more information, please visit the NQPHN Inca Integrated Care Platform webpage.

To arrange a practice visit or to discuss the Inca platform, please contact the NQPHN Primary Care Engagement Team at email

Pioneer Mackay visit

Caneland Mackay visit

Barefoot Mackay visit


Last updated: 13 November 2023