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Sorting out bedtime battles can be linked to healthy weight

Published 02 February 2021

At any time of year, bedtime battles are incredibly common, and during summer, bedtimes can start to slide later and later – but now there’s an extra reason to offer families support if they’re having trouble with their child’s sleep schedule.


Healthy sleep patterns are also linked to hormones that regulate hunger, say researchers, and sleep schedules could play an important role in the fight against childhood obesity and weight problems, according to Health and Wellbeing Queensland Chief Executive, Dr Robyn Littlewood. 

One in four Queensland children are overweight or obese and Dr Littlewood says many overlook the connection between that and sleep problems.

International research shows children are at greater risk of gaining unhealthy amounts of weight during summer holidays.

While Australian researchers are still examining whether or not the same thing happens here, we do know that this year many families stayed at home because of travel restrictions.

Long, unstructured days, less exercise, and more screen time, along with extra holiday snacks, can all add up.

Establishing sleep routines doesn’t always go smoothly at first, but there are certain positive parenting tips and strategies that can help make this process less stressful, and more successful!

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Last updated: 02 February 2021