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Privacy and security in healthcare

Published 29 October 2020

The Northern Queensland PHN Digital Health Team recently hosted an event in Cairns around privacy and security in a healthcare practice.

Left to right: Lawrence Peterson (Healthlink Group), Andrew Hynd (Holding Redlich), Michael Carr (Avant), Katherine Baxter (Clinical Excellence Queensland), Felicity Gustas (Queensland Health).

Angela Mason-Lynch from Avant gave some excellent medico-legal advice around conducting telehealth appointments and considering patient privacy in the current COVID-19 environment.

Andrew Hynd from Holding Redlich gave an overview of the Australian Privacy Policies and provided some key recommendations regarding General Practice privacy policy requirements.

Lawrence Peterson from HealthLink provided a regional update around the usage of secure messaging in our region and some key reasons for practices to ‘axe the fax’ and embed secure messaging in their workflow to ensure patient and practitioner privacy.

Updates were also provided by Nicola Graham from the Australian Digital Health Agency and Felicity and Katherine from the Smart Referrals Team (Clinical Excellence).

Last updated: 24 February 2022