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Primary Care Build Back Better program

Published 07 February 2024

Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) has partnered with Prestantia Health to deliver the Primary Care Build Back Better program, delivering capacity and capability building for general practice and Aboriginal Medical Services (AMSs).


The program started late last year and is aimed at delivering education and support for general practices and AMSs in the region, helping build sustainability and high-quality care provision. The program started with a series of educational events on higher performing primary healthcare, data driven improvement, and practice sustainability. If you were unable to attend some of these events the link to recordings can be found below:

Following these webinars, Cohort 1 participants attended face-to-face workshops (delivered in Mackay, Townsville, and Cairns) and a series of online coaching sessions to support them as they explored practice change to drive sustainability.

Feedback on this approach included:

  • “The sessions gave me the ability to become more focused on what we were trying to accomplish”
  • “Being able to share our problems in this space - these sessions give opportunity to bounce off each other and help each other.”
  • “The way the facilitator address things is so calm and helpful and he makes it easy to see clearly the things that matter in the bigger picture.”

If you haven’t experienced practice coaching before, our coaches (subject matter experts in practice transformation) recently shared their insights on what coaching involves and how to get the best out of it. View these interviews here.

Topics included:

  • What does coaching include and its purpose? [1:16]
  • What makes for a successful coaching session? [4:24]
  • What is expected before and after the session? [7:20]
  • Who should attend? [11:18]
  • Any outcomes or success to share from last year? [13:32]
  • Final messages [16:21]

If you’re interested in any of these, you can simply fast forward to specific sections as per the timestamps above.

Based on the evaluation results and learnings from Cohort 1 activities, NQPHN and Prestantia Health are delighted to announce that a refreshed program, including online assets and events, will be offered in 2024.

In 2024 NQPHN and Prestantia Health will be releasing:

  • 10 micro (15-20 minute) learning videos (CPD included) that cover topics such as general practice operating environment, relationships between Strengthening Medicare and practice sustainability, the 5Ps sustainability strategy (i.e., purpose, patients, people, process, patterns), and driving practice improvement and transformation.

NQPHN and Prestantia Health will also be offering Cohort 2 participants: 

  • 5 sessions of online group coaching. Note: You will only be required to attend one option (Tuesdays or Thursdays) per session.

Practice Coaching Sessions

Option 1

Option 2

Session 1

Tuesday 05 Mar 1-2:30pm

Thursday 07 Mar 1-2:30pm

Session 2

Tuesday 26 Mar 1-2:30pm

Thursday 28 Mar 1-2:30pm

Session 3

Tuesday 23 Apr 1-2:30pm

Thursday 02 May 1-2:30pm

Session 4

Tuesday 14 May 1-2:30pm

Thursday 16 May 1-2:30pm

Session 5

Tuesday 04 Jun 1-2:30pm

Thursday 06 Jun 1-2:30pm


If you haven’t already expressed your interest in the 2024 Primary Care Build Back Better program – Cohort 2 we encourage you to register by completing the EOI formWe also encourage you to watch this space for the release of the micro learning videos and more information on Cohort 2 activities and outcomes.

Get in touch

If you have any queries regarding the Primary Care Build Back Better program, please contact the Prestantia Health delivery team or your local NQPHN Primary Care Engagement Team.

Last updated: 12 February 2024