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Healthy Kids Project ECHO

Posted Thursday 18 August 2022 | Health and Wellbeing Queensland

Support children and families to build better health and lifestyle habits together.  

This six-part free series aims to deliver health professionals the knowledge and tools to increase their skills and confidence in raising the topic of weight with children and their families. It will also provide resources and effective ways to support children and families to build better health and lifestyle habits together.


Join Health and Wellbeing Queensland on Thursdays between 8am and 9am for six consecutive sessions, commencing on Thursday 14 July and finishing on Thursday 18 August 2022.

What is Project ECHO® and how does it work? 

Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is an interactive knowledge sharing model, with a focus on peer-to-peer learning, collaborative problem solving, and teaching. Via an online platform ECHO® opens the channels for participants in rural and remote locations to evidence-based learnings and knowledge from a panel of topic experts and multi-disciplinary peers.   

Each week participants log in to a Zoom session which consists of a short presentation from a panel expert, with a question time.  A case is then presented by a participant followed by an interactive discussion led by the panel facilitator.   

 Why participate in ECHO®? 

 Acquire new skills and competencies 

  • Ongoing access to multidisciplinary advice (paediatrician, psychologist, dietitian) for your paediatric patients living with overweight or obesity.
  • Become part of an engaged community of practice.
  • Receive ECHO® certification in childhood overweight and obesity management.
  • ACRRM CPD activity 2020-2022 triennium.

To learn more about the Project ECHO® model of delivery, visit

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