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The Power Play in Healthcare: Who Really Holds the Scalpel?

Posted Monday 04 March 2024 | The Allied Health Academy

Navigating the Complex Terrain of Evolving Professional Boundaries.

Join us on 22 February for our seminar "The Power Play in Healthcare: Who Really Holds the Scalpel?"; a thought-provoking, challenging, call to action for the health professions, policymakers, employers, service users and funders to secure sustainable, efficient and equitable access to safe and effective health services.

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Our expert panel of presenters, Professor Susan Nancarrow, Professor Alan Borthwick OBE and Dr Anne-Louise Carlton will lead an informative discussion exploring scope of practice at the legislative, professional and service levels, examining international and interdisciplinary variations in responses changing role boundaries.

The two-hour seminar will navigate the history and development of professional role boundaries in healthcare, reflect on and challenge assumptions about the nature of “health work” and the rightful owners of particular tasks and titles, and debate the pros and cons of regulating scopes of practice, and the other mechanisms which exist for safeguarding the community as scopes of practice inevitably change.

We want you to receive a balanced perspective, recognising the contributions of different healthcare professionals within a changing health and medical landscape.

The panel of experts bring sociological, health service research, practitioner and policy perspectives to the conversation that aims to:

  • Expand your knowledge and provide a deeper understanding of the ongoing transformations in healthcare roles
  • Clarify what it means for a health practitioner to work to their 'full scope of practice'
  • Explore the role of regulators, polcy makers, health professional peak bodies and clinical governance frameworks in maximising the value of the healthcare workforce, while also ensuring that the public are appropriately safeguarded
  • Connect you with peers and experts in the field through engaging in meaningful discussions in the Q&A component of the session
  • Enable your contribution to an informed dialogue about the future of healthcare professions

This webinar incorporates 60 minutes of presentations, and 60 minutes of Q&A and facilitated discussion. Everyone is invited to submit comments and questions before close of business 17 February 2024 (AEST) on the The Allied Health Academy (which is free to join)'s Advanced Practice Collective's feed, to enable the presenters to theme and respond to topics of most interest to the audience. Questions will also be taken during the session.

Last updated: Friday 26 January 2024