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Last Days Dementia, Knowing What to Expect

Posted Friday 31 May 2024 | HammondCare

Dying is a normal part of life, but many of us are unprepared for what happens and the practical steps to take after losing someone we care for, especially when dementia is involved.

Creating space to talk openly about dying 

Last Days is a program to equip you with practical knowledge and tools to navigate the last days of someone you care for.

Last Days helps you understand what’s ahead when someone is at the end of their life, creating space for open conversations about their wishes and preferences and giving you practical knowledge to help you plan and prepare.

Last Days is delivered as online or face-to-face workshops and includes Last Days Dementia, to support people living with dementia.

You will learn

  • What to expect and the role of palliative care.
  • What a “good death” might look like for the individual/families and carers and the choices we have.
  • How to have conversations about dying and plan for what’s ahead.
  • Practical information to assist with getting affairs in order.
  • Possible care choices and support available as we near death.
  • How grief and loss can impact individuals and support available.
  • Common rituals, rules and regulations around death.

Last updated: Friday 05 April 2024

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