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Improving the mental wellbeing of all Queenslanders

Posted Friday 31 May 2024 | Health and Wellbeing Queensland

The development of the Queensland Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy (the Strategy) is being led by Health and Wellbeing Queensland, in partnership with the Queensland Mental Health Commission. The Strategy is being developed in response to a recommendation from Queensland Parliament’s Mental Health Select Committee inquiry into the opportunities to improve mental health outcomes for Queenslanders. 

Good mental health and wellbeing is the foundation for thriving individuals, families and communities. The aim of this Strategy is to focus on what keeps us well and improve community mental health and wellbeing in Queensland. It will set principles that support, enhance and promote good mental health and wellbeing and prevent mental ill-health where possible. 

The Strategy will guide evidence-based promotion, prevention and early intervention initiatives that aim to support people of all ages. The intention is to align with and address the gaps in related government strategies and highlight the diverse needs and experiences of our communities, so that the mental health and wellbeing of all Queenslanders is protected and enhanced.  

What to expect 

  • Overview of the proposed Strategy components 
  • Overview of why the Strategy is focusing on promotion, prevention and early intervention  
  • Interactive workshop and the opportunity to provide feedback on the various components that will form the Strategy.  

Last updated: Wednesday 10 April 2024

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