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Deprescribing and Motivational Interviewing in Primary Care

Posted Wednesday 24 April 2024 | Centre for Health System Reform and Integration

Sydney North Health Network and the Centre for Health System Reform and Integration (University of Queensland - Mater Research) invites GPs, Practice Nurses, Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals to an interactive webinar on Deprescribing and Motivational Interviewing in Primary Care.

Our work in Healthy Ageing and Identifying Risk of Frailty aims to prevent avoidable hospital admissions and to keep people well and at home for longer. This education session will discuss deprescribing for community dwelling older adults and provide an introduction to motivational interviewing including some strategies to empower patients to overcome barriers.


Dr Nagham Ailabouni is an NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow and clinician-researcher at the University of Queensland, specialising in geriatric pharmacy and is the Public Engagement Subcommittee Chair with the Australian Deprescribing Network. Dr Ailabouni’s talk is titled “Ask if you care: Nudging deprescribing conversations in practice.”

Dr Ana Goode is a Senior Research Fellow at The University of Queensland. Her training and research experience is in the field of health promotion and public health, with specific focus on designing and evaluating broad-reach (telephone, online delivered) evidence-based healthy lifestyle programs in applied settings. Dr Goode will present on the fundamentals of motivational interviewing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Strategies to encourage healthy ageing in older adults;
  • Navigating conversations with patients and their families about deprescribing; and
  • Fundamentals of motivational interviewing

Last updated: Monday 25 March 2024