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Addiction Medicine Workshop Townsville

Posted Sunday 22 May 2022 | Lives Lived Well

Lives Lived Well presents the following GP education session facilitated by Lives Lived Well's Addiction Medicine Specialist, Dr Graeme Judson.  

Dependent substance use is a chronic, relapsing condition which can be difficult to treat. GPs and other primary care professionals have a key role to play in prevention, early detection and management of substance misuse and dependence. 

Learning outcomes for this GP education session are: 

  1. Identify patients who might be at higher risk of problematic substance use and initiate conversations about substance use with increased confidence. 
  2. Implement ASSIST AOD screening and withdrawal tools with patients in general practice and utilise local referral pathways.
  3. Describe risks associated with prescribing opiates, and harms associated with opioid misuse, including the management of chronic disease. 
  4. Describe the risks of substance use during pregnancy and using relevant prevention, intervention tools and referral pathways. 
  5. Assess the severity of substance dependence to determine the course of withdrawal management approach and associated risk. 

Last updated: Monday 11 April 2022