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ACLM Cause of Death Certificate Workshop (Queensland)

Posted Friday 19 July 2024 | Australasian College of Legal Medicine

About the course

This program increases doctors’ understanding of Cause of Death Certificates in Queensland. It examines the legislation surrounding reporting cause of death, a guided tour of the Cause of Death Certificate, and interactive workshops. Participants can increase their confidence in completing Cause of Death Certificates and improve their understanding of when and how to report to the Coroner as well as situations when a Cause of Death Certificate should not be written.

Learning outcomes

  1. Produce an accurate cause of death certificate that follows a logical progression or sequence of disease processes.
  2. Identify which deaths are to be reported to a coroner.
  3. Demonstrate how to report a death to a coroner.
  4. Determine when a cause of death certificate can be issued where natural causes is the probable cause of death.

Teaching Faculty

  • Dr Adam Griffin - ACLM President and Course Facilitator.
  • Dr Gary Hall - Senior Forensic Medicine, FACLM.
  • Dr Katherine Robinson - Senior Forensic Medicine, FACLM.
  • Jessica Lambert - Coronial Registrar, Coroners Court of Queensland.

CPD information

  • Educational Activity: 2.5 hours.
  • Reviewing Performance: 5 hours (2 hours if pre- and post-course activities not submitted).
  • Total: 7.5 hours (adjusted as per above depending on pre/post-course activities).
  • Program Level Requirements met:
    • Maintaining and developing professionalism
    • Maintaining and developing ethical practice.
  • This Activity No. 407498 has been allocated 7.5 CPD hours in the RACGP 2023-25 CPD Program.

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