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Queensland PHNs webinar: COVID update for general practice #7

Posted Saturday 22 June 2024 | QUeensland PHNs

GPs and general practice staff are invited to join us for a facilitated hypothetical, exploring the challenges that people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, including refugees and migrant workers, are facing during the pandemic. With support from the Refugee Health Network Queensland and Queensland Health, we'll follow the COVID journey of two patients from both urban and regional areas. The hypothetical will address: 

  • The challenges that face CALD individuals and communities when accessing healthcare, such as language barriers, cultural differences, transport and travel, or health literacy 
  • How to record immunisation status and claim vaccination payment for non-Medicare card holders 
  • Tools and resources that GPs, nurses and practice managers can use when treating patients who require translation and interpretation services 
  • Lived experience input from CALD community members to help practices engage more effectively with a broader group of patients 
  • The unique needs of CALD patients in urban and regional/remote communities. 


Dr Jon Harper, GP Liaison Officer, Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN 


Dr Rachel Claydon (GP) - Dr Claydon is a GP fellow at the Refugee Health Network QLD and has also worked as a GP at the Mater Refugee Complex Care Clinic. Dr Claydon is a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners and is also a medical educator at the University of Queensland. She has extensive experience in refugee health, and intercultural medical practice. 

Meryl Jones (Refugee Health Nurse)  - Meryl Jones is the Nurse Unit Manager for the Mater Refugee Health Service and the current Co-Chair of Refugee Nurses Australia. Meryl has over 20 years’ experience of working with patients of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in a range of clinical settings both in Australia and overseas and is passionate about improving access to care for patients of refugee background. 

Grace Edward (Community Representative) - Grace is the Partnerships and Community Engagement Coordinator for the CALD COVID-19 Health. In this role, Grace works closely with formal and informal CALD Community Leaders, Queensland Health, Hospital and Health care services, as well as settlement services to identify community needs and gaps in services with the aim of providing equitable access to healthcare and information during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grace is also extensively involved in the community in other capacities and is part of multiple youth networks. 

Fabiola Bran (Practice Manager) - Fabiola is the Practice Manager at Inala Primary Care*

Questions may be submitted in advance. Please email your questions to for discussion on the night (time permitting). 

Last updated: Monday 16 May 2022