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Smoking Cessation Educators Course

Posted Monday 14 June 2021 | The Lung Health Promotion Centre @ the Alfred

A 2 day evidence based course empowers professionals to treat and manage nicotine dependency.

Taking an holistic approach using proven evidence based techniques, the course is presented by active experts and helps skill participants to be able to work effectively one on one with clients for effective nicotine management and health outcomes.

Presented by a panel of practicing health professionals including the team of the Lung Health Promotion Centre at the Alfred.

CPD: 7 points per day.


  • Smoking in Australia - facts and figures
  • Impact of smoking on health
  • Effect of nicotine on body and brain
  • Nicotine withdrawal syndrome
  • Measuring nicotine dependence
  • Treating symptom withdrawal
  • Using medications effectively
  • Special groups -  diabetes, pregnancy, teenagers
  • Smoking and mental illness
  • Behavioural interventions
  • What works and what doesn't
  • Setting up a smoking cessation clinic
  • Case studies
  • Evaluating the intervention
  • Mindfulness practice


LHPC @ The Alfred






Last updated: Tuesday 08 June 2021