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General Practice Incentive Program review

Posted Monday 04 December 2023 | Northern Queensland Primary Health Network

The Department of Health and Aged Care (the Department) have engaged KPMG to undertake a rapid retrospective effectiveness review of the existing General Practice Incentive Programs. This includes the Practice Incentive Program (PIP), and Workforce Incentives Program (WIP).

This review will draw on qualitative and quantitative evidence to evaluate the effectiveness of general practice incentives and will be an input into future policy considerations.

You can view more information about the effectiveness review of general practice incentives here.

To support primary health care professionals and organisations in the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) region with providing feedback on the PIP and WIP, NQPHN invites general practice professionals to an online virtual consultation.

Key questions:

  • Overall, what is the feedback you are hearing from your constituents about the uptake and effectiveness of general practice incentives?
  • Do you feel that reforms are needed across the current incentives to drive improved outcomes and support GP practices / AMSs / ACCHOs?

Download flyer Last updated: Tuesday 21 November 2023