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Annual Homebirth Australia Conference

Posted Sunday 22 May 2022 | Homebirth Australia

The 34th Annual Homebirth Australia Conference will take place virtually from the Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 February.

Homebirth Australia have four days of content suitable for parents and maternity health workers. 

In an effort to raise awareness of homebirth and encourage collaboration between birthing women, their GP's and private midwives, Homebirth Australia would like to extend an invitation to General Practitioners to attend the conference free of charge.

Homebirth Australia have scheduled a special panel discussion for the third day of the conference titled 'Collaborative Care: Working Together for the Best Outcomes' which will be of particular interest to GP's and midwives in private practice (see conference agenda in registration page for more information).

To take advantage of this offer, please email Kristyn at

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Last updated: Thursday 20 January 2022