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What is My Health Record?
My Health Record is a secure online summary of your health information. You can control what goes into it and who is allowed to access it. You can choose to share your health information with your doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.
A better way to manage your health

In 2016, up to 600,000 north Queenslanders – from Mackay and surrounding areas in the south, up to the tip of the Torres Strait Islands – had a My Health Record created as part of the Australian Government’s opt-out trial.

These records are now live. Please take the time, if you have not already, and get familiar with your record and customise any settings. Next time you are visiting your GP, ask them to upload a shared health summary to your record! 

Having a My Health Record means your important health information including allergies, current conditions and treatments, medicine details, pathology reports or diagnostic imaging scan reports can be digitally stored in one place.

As more people and their healthcare providers use the My Health Record system, Australia’s national health system will become better connected. This will result in faster and more efficient care for you and your family.

More information about My Health Record can be found at

23 December 2021

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