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Practice nurses are highly skilled and knowledgeable health professionals who work collaboratively with GPs and other members of the practice team to provide safe and quality care, contributing to improving the health outcomes of the community.

Australia’s largest national union and professional nursing and midwifery organisation for registered nurses, enrolled nurses, midwives, and assistants in nursing.

The peak professional body for nurses working in primary health care, championing the role of primary health care nurses to advance professional recognition, ensure workforce sustainability, nurture leadership in health, and optimise the role of nurses in patient-centred care.

Established state and territory boards to support the work of the National Board in the National Scheme. The National Board sets policy and professional standards and the state and territory boards have been delegated to make decisions about nurses, midwives and students.

A collection of news, CPD courses, tools and templates, and resources for nurses working in general practice.

A collection of services, payments, and programs for nurses and midwifes.

02 September 2020