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COVID-19 vaccination for First Nations people
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults have been identified as a priority group for the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out program.

This is because of the higher risk of getting and developing serious illness from COVID-19 due to a number of factors. This may include a higher rate of chronic health conditions and in some cases crowded-living conditions, which increases the risk of spreading the infection.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and people living in remote communities are at greater risk from COVID-19. This is because:

  • there are higher rates of other health issues in these communities
  • it can be harder to access health care
  • people in the community are very mobile and travel often
  • people often rely more on outreach services in remote places.

The Australian Government Department of Health has provided information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples about COVID-19 vaccines.

Queensland Health has also developed a range of COVID-19 resources for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and services. New resources will be added as they continue to be developed.

The most accurate and credible information regarding COVID-19 is issued from Department of Health (State and Commonwealth) sources. Please be mindful that some resources developed by other states have state-specific information.

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08 April 2021