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Puuya Kuntha
The music video 'Puuya Kuntha' is the product of a collaboration between the Kuku Ya'u community in remote Lockhart River on the East Coast of Cape York, Desert Pea Media, and Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN).

This production, along with two short films, was created over 14 days in August 2019. It is an outcome of a unique, collaborative creative process with Desert Pea Media artists, local Indigenous young people, community members, Elders, and local health services.

The Iron Range Danger Gang was nominated as a finalist in the 2020 National Indigenous Music Awards in the Community Music Clip category.

Lockhart is our Ngaachi (home) - it’s our homeland country
We them east coast Murris - we all have the courage
Carry heaps of knowledge - we got plenty swimmin’ holes
And waterfalls and our beaches gold
Land is beautiful, it’s colourful, like the water glow, that nyakamu (phosphorescence)

Mepla from Iron Range where the rainforest meets the sea
My totem Upan Yawan Muthuuy, pulu, piwu, iwayii
Kanthanampoo, kuku yawu, (aye) Umpila, Wutathi
Kaanju Utha Langu, mepla danger for Malkarri (traditional dance)

(Ceremony song – Pinniwinkle dance)

We go fishing, swimming, hunting, catching ream, barra, mullet
Turtle dugong lubbly, we go walkabout in the sunshine
Tukulu (turtle) on the reef, we go flipping in river and creek
We cut laps we pump em beats from malkara to Ilway streets


Mipla deadly, mipla smart
Mipla puuya (heart) kuntha (strong) AH
Strong heart yawai (that’s right) cuss
Mipla had it from the start

Mipla deadly mipla strong
Mipla culture living long
Mipla proud when singin’ our songs
Mipla know where we belong

Poison damper along the coastline laka, truth will set you free
My people live with trauma every day like cyclone on repeat
Old man Wu’u (sick) mana laka our time is running low
Gotta learn ‘em song and shake-a-leg, so my culture can grow

Less phone reception - more connection
Gotta come together we gotta learn em lesson
That’s out medicine, for them in depression
Family gives us strength sand protection

Gotta watch yathu (children) stop getting arrested
Leave a good impression on our mob and section
So one day you may get selected
For something better, live a life of perfection

Wepla Danger Malkarri (traditional dance)
Kai Kai (food) Kup murri (traditional ground oven),
Ngachi (home) Mukamukana (many people come)
Watchi wutathi, Nundah, Kuttini, Angkuna, Pin Pin, Packers (place names)

Pama Mukamukana kalmana (many people come)
Wulpunyu Mukamukana Kalmana (many children come)
I be look all dempla (them people) walkabout
Miiye wiiyke lake (get food from this place) Ahhh…

23 December 2021