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Northern Queensland Primary Health Network’s (NQPHN’s) Workforce key priority area aims to support the North Queensland health workforce, building its capacity and capability to remain agile in a changing health system environment.

NQPHN supports GPs and other primary health care providers and their teams to provide the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

Access to a flexible, skilled, and culturally competent workforce is paramount due to:

  • NQPHN’s geographical diversity and remoteness
  • the health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • chronic and complex disease burdens of older populations.

Professional development activities are designed and delivered locally, based on local need and informed by population health data.

These activities aim to:

  • build capacity and skills that support continuous and coordinated care management of chronic and complex conditions
  • support general practice and other healthcare providers through workforce development and networking opportunities to maintain quality care and best practice in primary health care
  • provide opportunities to access high-quality education and training that supports the maintenance of qualifications, adoption of new models of care, and health reforms
  • encourage internal and external partnerships that facilitate performance accountability and quality improvement cultures
  • innovate service delivery to address impacts of workforce and skills shortages on vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations
  • inform career pathways and specialty skills aligned to industry need and service capability, including uptake of continuing professional development and postgraduate studies
  • ensure the local primary health workforce has suitable cultural and clinical skills to address the health needs of the NQPHN region.
23 December 2021