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Addressing the prevalence of chronic disease amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents in the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) region requires holistic primary health care interventions through culturally safe service models to provide comprehensive wraparound support and access.

NQPHN has partnered with acute and primary health sectors to address chronic disease in Indigenous populations in the region, and has invested in health literacy, health promotion, and prevention activities to empower residents to take control of their own health.

The objectives of NQPHN’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health programs are to:

  • enhance mainstream service models to deliver culturally appropriate primary and preventative health care
  • improve access to primary health care particularly in rural and remote areas
  • evaluate and develop integrated, mutli-disciplinary team approaches to chronic disease management
  • empower communities to advance localised approaches to delivering primary health care
  • grow organisational knowledge of the challenges to delivering high quality primary health care to rural and remote communities to develop innovative and responsive investment
  • continually nurture NQPHN’s relationships with Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACHHOs) and key stakeholders in communities, including local councils
  • seek out partnerships with non-health agencies to support collaborative strategies that recognise social determinants of health as key variables to addressing quality of life.
23 December 2021